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The Concept.

I wanted a room that brought back the old days of fantasy rp. Some may say TenShadows merely grabs interest because it sounds like Glenshadows. However I hope to dispell this notion. The concept is quite simple. A fantasy based D&D style role play room. However it is quite a bit more. Most fantasy rooms allow all c's. Most are general descriptions at best of the land around. None I've encountered included Inns or Taverns for both good and evil to congregate seperately. None I've encountered have had a totally safe haven for good. A place where evils powers are null and void. I also will be adding a full page sized, detailed color map! I have created all this and put it together and made a rather unique Role Playing World. A world I hope you all enjoy.

The Story.

The Story goes like this. Those of pure heart and good of soul ruled quite happily. The land was fertile and all were happy and prosperous. However, all this prosperity lulled everyone into a false sense of never ending happiness and security. So a single evil entity began to plot and scheme. He plotted to steal away everything that good held in high regard. He'd see them all weep and beg for mercy and kneel before him!. He and he alone would rule the land and all its inhabitants. And so it went. This single entity waited and waited. Finally the day came when he felt none could stand against him. So a spell was cast that forever saw the sun blocked out by dark ominous clouds. Oh but that was the beginning. This entity called upon all evil to stand up and drive back the forces of good. Summoning through telepathic means, Ogres, Trolls, Orcs, Goblins, a Dragon or two, drow wardancers, Imps, a skeleton army and Harpies. Acting together they fell upon good like a giant black tidal wave. No one could stand against them. Most of noble heart were killed in the great battle. Those that survived escaped to a place known as the Forest of Tears. Others fled to the highest Mountains. The single entity which none have ever seen sits happily on his Golden and opal encrusted throne in a mysterious Kingdom which none have yet to find, happily taunting the righteous. Ah but now it is his turn to becomes lazy and over confident. The Question is, are there any who are courageous enough or who would dare stand against him and his evil minions? A word of special warning. Though both good and evil forces are essentially seperated, spies and assassins lurk everywhere. This will likely not change, as both sides plot the total destruction of their counter parts.

The Forest of Tears.

The Forest gets its name because a thick gray mist constantly falls. It drenches everything and makes visibility in the vast forest, nearly impossible. Some say the mists are the tears that come from the saddened land. Some say the mists are the tears of the Great Creator. They say he cries because evil rules and none with a righteous heart have stepped forward to try and stop it. Still all this is merely legend, the Legend of the Forest of Tears. Be careful now. If one doesn’t know where they are going in this huge canopy of intertwining limbs, vines, moss and gray mists, they will surely become lost. And within this the forest that means a likely death as quicksand and bogs of despair dot the landscape. Bogs of despair? What are they you ask? The Bogs are black oily quagmires that hide under deadened scattered foliage. A blindly wandering person wouldn’t see them until they were actually IN them. Even the blackest of heart show caution before traveling into the forest. For it is believed the forest mist cancels out evil's magic. Was the magical mist an ancient wizard's spell? Perhaps a gift by the creator or is something else at the root of this? Likely none will ever know.

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